Wednesday, August 5, 2009

IGO rules!

So here in Chicago we have car sharing, IGO, which I'm sure is not news to some of you. Such an awesome concept. We signed up about a year ago to see if we would like it...and wow! We pay by the hour and gas and insurance are included. We try not to use it too often, but when we need to run errands that include going outside our immediate locale or when, because it's the weekend, we don't want to wait an hour for the bus, we use it. We've even taken a few trips to Wisconsin, my husband wanted to go fishing. We reserved it for the whole day to go to WI which costs more than renting a car; however, it's so convenient to just drop the car about a half mile from home rather than taking the bus and then the train all the way to O'Hare. Anyway, it's a great idea and IGO car lots are showing up all over the city. It's great to know we can get a car if we need one without having to fork out all the $$$ to own a car.

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